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Dear all,
I need an Excel format for Document Controlling can anybody help me pls....



Junaid Ahmed Shah 
Al-Asab General Contracting

Ruwais, Abu Dhabi, (U.A.E.)
Contact:- 05 66205542

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[HM:252294] 10 Questions That Will Improve Results in Any Area

The only foolish question is the one that was never asked!

When you begin any project, are trying to make a change in your life, or are faced with a difficult undertaking, the best way to improve your result is to ask the important questions first. If you are working as part of a team, some questions may need to be asked of others. When working towards an individual goal, you will be the one giving the answers.

Ask, ask, ask — until you're confident that you have a firm understanding. Don't wait until you're stuck and spinning your wheels. Ask the questions and find the answers first!

Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers. – Anthony Robbins


Why am I doing this?

It's important to understand the reason behind anything you undertake. Whether it's a goal, task, habit, or project, "why am I doing this?" should be the first question you ask yourself. Understanding the reason behind the actions can be a tremendous motivator.

What is the desired outcome?

Without being clear about the desired result, you can't plan how to get there. Identify what you're trying to accomplish and exactly what that will look like. Clarity is key. Vague targets are rarely attained. Defined and tangible objectives have much greater success.

When is the deadline and are there periodic checkpoints?

Know when the action or project needs to be complete. Be aware of any phases or interim deadlines along the way. If you know how much time you have to work with, you can better plan backwards and set aside the necessary amount of time.

What is my role?

Understanding your role is crucial. Are you the leader or a worker bee? Are you a researcher or a communicator? Are you a team coordinator or planner? It's important to know which role you play so you can align your actions. If it is an individual undertaking, then you are most likely all of the above.

Who is responsible or accountable for which tasks or projects?

This is related your role, but in a more specific and tangible way. Determine which specific tasks you are personally responsible for. Know who maintains accountability. Perhaps you are the one whom others are accountable. Define your responsibilities.

Do I have metrics or some form of measurement?

Establish a measurement of success, so that progress can be determined. If metrics are set by someone else, know what they are and if there is any flexibility.

What are the possible roadblocks or obstacles?

We almost always encounter snags along the way to completion. However, difficulties can more easily be overcome if we can prepare for them. It's not always possible to prepare, complications by their very nature, are frequently unforeseen, but if you at least try to anticipate potential setbacks, they can often be resolved quickly.

What are the available resources?

Be aware of what resources are available. Be cognizant of the number of people involved or accessible to you and their skills. Be honest about the amount of time that can be committed. Also, understand if there are financial constraints.

How important is this project or task?

The importance of any goal or project determines how much attention and effort it deserves. Higher priority items get moved to the top of the list, while less crucial tasks can often be pushed back. If a project affects the profitability of a business or the health and well-being of an individual, it usually gets top priority.

What can I do to be more effective?

Develop strategies to help you be more efficient and productive. Improve the quality of your work by utilizing useful and  effective tools. Better organizational skills greatly enhance effectiveness. Learn to be resourceful.


M Junaid Tahir

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[HM:252286] 30 March in history

This Day in History for 30th March

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8 9 10 11 12 13 14
15 16 17 18 19 20 21
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29 30 31  

All Events

Historical Events

Events 1 - 100 of 146
240 BC - 1st recorded perihelion passage of Halley's Comet.
804 - Liudger becomes 1st bishop of Munster
988 - Boudouin IV with the Beard becomes earl of Flanders
1282 - Furious inhabitants of Palermo attack French occupation force
1282 - The people of Sicily rebel against the Angevin king Charles I, in what becomes known as the Sicilian Vespers.
1296 - Edward I sacks Berwick-upon-Tweed, during armed conflict between Scotland and England.
1422 - Ketsugan, Zen teacher, performs exorcisms to free aizoji temple
1456 - Prince Louis of Bourbon elected bishop of Liege
1474 - Duke Sigismund van Tirol ends contacts with Switzerland
1492 - King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella sign decree expelling Jews from Spain
1533 - Henry VIII divorces his 1st wife, Catherine of Aragon
1533 - Thomas Cranmer becomes archbishop of Canterbury
1603 - Battle at Mellifont: English army under Lord Mountjoy beats Irish
1778 - Playwright Voltaire crowned with laurel wreath
1814 - Britain & allies march into Paris after defeating Napoleon
1814 - Napoleonic Wars: Sixth Coalition forces march into Paris.
1814 - Murat issues the Rimini Declaration which would later inspire Italian Unification.
1822 - Congress combined East & West Florida into Florida Territory
1842 - Ether was used as an anaesthetic for 1st time by Dr Crawford Long (Ga)
1856 - Russia signs Peace of Paris, ending the Crimean War
1858 - Pencil with attached eraser patented (Hyman L Lipman of Phila)
1863 - Danish prince Wilhelm Georg of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg chosen as king George of Greece
1864 - Skirmish at Mount Elba, Arkansas
1865 - -4] Battle at 5 Forks Virginia
1866 - Bedrich Smetana's "Verkaufte Braut" (Sold Bride), premieres
1867 - US buys Alaska from Russia for $7,200,000 (2 cents an acre - Seward's Folly)
1870 - 15th Amendment passes, guarantees right to vote regardless of race
1870 - Texas becomes last confederate state readmitted to Union
1870 - Florida territorial government established.
1885 - The Battle for Kushka triggers the Pandjeh Incident which nearly gives rise to war between the British Empire and Russian Empire.
1889 - John T Reid opens 1st US golf course (Yonkers, NY)
1893 - Thomas F Bayard becomes 1st US ambassador in Great Britain
1895 - British inventor Birt Acres films Oxford-Cambridge
1900 - Dutch 2nd Chamber accepts Compulsory education law
1909 - Queensboro Bridge opens, linking Manhattan & Queens
1910 - Mississippi Legislature founded The University of Southern Mississippi.
1911 - Lötschberg tunnel in Switzerland (13,735 m) completed
1912 - French protectorate in Morocco established
1916 - Stanley Cup: Montreal Canadiens (NHA) beat Portland Rosebuds (PCHA), 3 games to 2
1918 - Stanley Cup: Toronto Arenas (NHL) beat Vancouver Millionaires (PCHA), 3 games to 2
1919 - Belgian Army occupies Dusseldorf
1919 - Gandhi announces resistance against Rowlatt Act
1919 - Paul Claudel's "Tête d'Or," premieres in Paris
1922 - KGY-AM in Olympia WA begins radio transmissions
1922 - WWL-AM in New Orleans LA begins radio transmissions
1923 - Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, formed at Howard U in 1920, incorporates
1925 - Stalin supports rights of non-Serbian Yugoslavians
1925 - Stanley Cup: Vict Cougars (WCHL) beat Canadiens (NHL), 3 games to 1
1930 - Babberich-H soccer team forms
1935 - Newfoundland changes time to 3½ hrs W of Greenwich, repeats 44 sec
1939 - The Heinkel He 100 fighter sets the world airspeed record of 463 mph.
1939 - First flight of the Australian C.A.C. CA-16 Wirraway.
1940 - 2nd NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: Indiana U beats Kansas 60-42
1941 - German counter offensive in North-Africa
1942 - 1st RSHA-transport from France arrives in camp Birkenau
1942 - SS murders 200 inmates of Trawniki labor camp
1943 - 5th NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: U of Wyoming beat Georgetown 46-34
1943 - British 1st army recaptures Sejenane
1943 - Rodgers & Hammerstein's "Oklahoma!," premieres in NYC
1944 - 781 British bombers attack Neurenberg
1945 - 289 anti-fascists murdered by nazis in Rombergpark Dortmund
1945 - USSR invades Austria during WW II
1945 - World War II: a defecting German pilot delivers a Messerschmitt Me 262A-1 to Americans.
1946 - "St Louis Woman" opens at Martin Beck Theater NYC for 113 performances
1946 - Australia beats NZ in cricket at 3 30pm on 2nd day
1946 - Last Test Cricket appearance of Bill O'Reilly (5-14 & 3-19)
1949 - Riot breaks out in Austurvöllur square in Reykjavík, when Iceland joined NATO.
1950 - Phototransistor invention announced, Murray Hill, NJ
1952 - 6th Tony Awards: Fourposter & King & I win
1952 - Patty Berg wins LPGA New Orleans Women's Golf Open
1953 - Einstein announces revised unified field theory
1954 - Test Cricket debut of Garry Sobers v England at Kingston
1955 - 27th Academy Awards - "On the Waterfront," Brando & Grace Kelly win
1956 - USSR performs nuclear test
1957 - 1st performance of Walter Piston's 4th Symphony
1959 - WNED TV channel 17 in Buffalo, NY (PBS) begins broadcasting
1961 - NASA civilian pilot Joseph A Walker takes X-15 169,600' (51,690 m)
1961 - The Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs is signed at New York.
1963 - France performs underground nuclear test at Ecker Algeria
1964 - Astronaut John Glenn withdraws from Ohio senate race
1965 - Vietnam War: A car bomb explodes in front of the U.S. Embassy in Saigon, killing 22 and wounding 183 others.
1967 - Cover picture of Beatles' "Sgt Pepper's" is photographed
1968 - General Ludvik Svoboda elected president of Czechoslovakia
1969 - Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Port Malabar Golf Invitational
1970 - "Applause" opens at Palace Theater NYC for 900 performances
1970 - Miles Davis Bitches Brew released
1970 - Soap opera "Somerset" premieres
1970 - Strouse, Adams, Comden & Green's musical "Applause," premieres in NYC
1970 - USSR wins its 8th straight world hockey championship
1972 - "Funny Thing Happened..." opens at Lunt-Fontanne NYC for 156 perfs
1972 - North Vietnamese troops enter South Vietnam
1972 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1973 - Ellsworth Bunker resigns as US ambassador to South Vietnam
1975 - Ron Lalonde scores the 1st hat trick by a Washington Capital
1976 - Israel kills 6 Palestinians protesting land confiscation
1978 - "History of the American Film" opens at ANTA Theater NYC for 21 perfs
1979 - Airey Neave, a British politician, is killed by a car bomb as he exits the Palace of Westminster. The Irish National Liberation Army claims responsibility.
1980 - Mark Medoff's "Children of a Lesser God," premieres in NYC
1980 - Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Women's Kemper Golf Open
Events 101 - 146 of 146
1981 - 43rd NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: Indiana beats North Carolina 63-50
1981 - Pres Reagan shot & wounded by John W Hinckley III
1982 - 3rd space shuttle mission-Columbia 3 lands at White Sands, NM
1982 - John Pielmeier's "Agnes of God," premieres in NYC
1983 - Ray Cooney's "Run for your Wives," premieres in London
1983 - USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1984 - US ends participation in multinational Lebanon peace force
1986 - "Tango Argentino" closes at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC after 198 perfs
1986 - 5th NCAA Women Basketball Championship: Texas beats Southern Cal 97-81
1987 - 59th Academy Awards - "Platoon," Paul Newman & Marlee Matlin win
1987 - Vincent van Goghs "Sunflowers" sells for record 22.5M pounds ($39.7 million)
1988 - 2nd Soul Train Music Awards
1988 - Tamil Nadu beat Railways by inns & 144 to win Ranji Trophy
1990 - Jack Nicklaus made his debut in the "Seniors" golf tournament
1991 - "Speed of Darkness" closes at Belasco Theater NYC after 36 perfs
1991 - 1st exhibition baseball games at Joe Robbie Stadium (Yanks-Orioles)
1991 - Last issue of Dutch Newspaper "Vr˜e Folk" (Free People)
1991 - Northern Michigan wins its 1st NCAA hockey title
1991 - PBA National Championship Won by Mike Miller
1991 - William Kennedy Smith allegedly rapes a woman (found not guilty)
1992 - 64th Academy Awards - "Silence of Lamb," A Hopkins & Jodie Foster win
1992 - CBS TV premieres overnight news program "Up To The Minute"
1992 - Man accidentally backs in A's Jose Canseco's $225,000 Lamborghini
1992 - P J Patterson, resigns as 6th PM of Jamaica
1992 - WNSR-FM (105.1) changes callsign to WMXV-FM (NYC)
1993 - "Redwood Curtain" opens at Brooks Atkinson Theater NYC for 40 perfs
1993 - French government of Balladur forms
1993 - Jamaican premier Percival Patterson wins parliamentary election
1993 - Lanford Wilson's "Redwood Curtain," premieres in NYC
1993 - New South Wales beat Qld by eight wkts to win Sheffield Shield
1993 - Punjab beat Maharashtra by 120 runs to win Cricket's Ranji Trophy
1994 - ABC Masters Tournament won by Hobo Boothe
1994 - Bombay beat Bengal by 8 wickets to win Cricket's Ranji Trophy
1994 - England Cricket all out for 46 at Port-of-Spain
1995 - "Arcadia" opens at Vivian Beaumont Theater NYC for 204 performances
1996 - Lara hits 146 cricket not out in ODI vs NZ at Port-Of-Spain
1996 - NY Mets beats NY Yankees 5-3 in an exhibition game
Earl of Wessex Prince EdwardEarl of Wessex Prince Edward 1996 - Prince Edward & girl-friend Sophie visited Graystoke Castle
1997 - 16th NCAA Women's Basketball Championship: Tenn beats Old Dominion 68-59
1997 - 26th Nabisco Dinah Shore Golf Championship won by Betsy King
1997 - Southwestern Bell Dominion Senior Golf
1997 - Steve Elkington wins Golf's Players Championship
1997 - Five (channel) Begins broadcasting in the UK
1998 - 60th NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: at Alamodome San Antonio
2006 - Marcos Pontes is the first Brazilian astronaut in space.
March 30, 2007 (2007-03-30) (Friday) edit history watch
March 30, 2008 (2008-03-30) (Sunday) edit history watch
March 30, 2009 (2009-03-30) (Monday) edit history watch
March 30, 2010 (2010-03-30) (Tuesday) edit history watch
2011 The World Cup semi-final in Mohali between India and Pakistan is watched by over 1 billion people as both countries come to a standstill and both prime ministers attend.




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[HM:252285] Lawyer on Vacation



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Friday, 30 March 2012

[HM:252277] World’s First Balanced Nutrition Pizza Wins Award

The world's first nutritionally balanced pizza was launched to trade this week at the Food & Drink Expo 2012 in Birmingham, where it won the Best New Idea award at the UK's largest F&D trade show.


Fri, 30 Mar 2012


Eat Balanced

Using the best ingredients and taking guidance from international nutrition expert Professor Mike Lean from the University of Glasgow, Eat Balanced have created the award winning product that mirrors the official UK guideline daily amounts for adults. Essentially, each pizza is a nutritionally balanced full meal. 

But perhaps more importantly they have developed a range of pizzas that are as tasty as they are convenient. They're just like any other pizza – except they taste amazing and they will do you good. Clearly, these are a very long way from the "junk food" image of most other pizzas.

Perhaps ironically the nutritionally balanced pizza was born in Glasgow, the spiritual home of the deep fried pizza and other less and healthy culinary inventions. 

As Eat Balanced's founder and MD, Donnie Maclean says "I was keen to try to help people from all walks of life to understand why a balanced diet is easier, and tastier, than they might think. Personally, I've always loved the convenience and the taste of pizzas and I was convinced that the junk food image wasn't the whole story. 

"My task was to combine taste with convenience and health to produce something that would be nutritionally balanced but not make you feel like you grudged eating it because you knew it was the right thing to do.

"My vision came to life when I was introduced to Professor Mike Lean, a somewhat unconventional nutrition academic and clinician, who is happy to challenge the status quo. Together we've developed Eat Balanced pizzas. Nutritionally they are the world's first balanced pizza. But when it comes to eating and sharing round the kitchen table, all that matters is that they are the tastiest, most natural pizzas we could make.

'We've had a lot of interest from the food services sector and so that's why we chose Food & Drink Expo to launch the pizzas to the trade. This is a discriminating audience, and a hugely competitive space, but we're confident that on health and customer satisfaction grounds they'll see the value of the balanced way.'

Professor Mike Lean, Head of Human Nutrition at The University of Glasgow, and one of the world's leading nutritional scientists said, 'I've always believed that nutrition is a question of balance and not about demonising particular foods. Working with Donnie to bring the pizza back from junk food status and return it to its nutritionally sound origins has been a technical challenge, but we've had great fun! Pizza has its origins in the Mediterranean peasant diet, traditionally one of the world's healthiest. Bread, oil, herbs, tomatoes and only a little cheese. Getting back to those roots was key to achieving a balanced meal. 

'Each of Eat Balanced pizzas contain about a third of the main nutrients recommended for an adult each day - all in the right proportions. But ultimately what matters is that people want to eat the balanced pizza. And after extensive, but not necessarily scientific research, with myself plus friends and family, I can formally conclude that this is an exceptionally tasty pizza. They taste every bit as good as any other traditionally made pizza, so why should anyone continue to buy or supply nutritionally unbalanced junk-pizzas? It deserves to be a success.'

Also commenting on this potentially game-changing new concept was Lucy Jones, the dietitian from the popular TV programme Food Hospital. "For most of us, eating foods in the right balance is key to good health. Our busy lifestyles mean this is a struggle for many. The guys at Eat Balanced have really cleverly provided a balanced meal in a convenient package."

Moira Howie, Nutrition Manager at Waitrose voted for the product and stated, "Just the sort of product innovation that the UK requires – and it tastes great too! Well done." 

Eat Balanced pizzas will initially come in two flavours – cheese and tomato, ham and pineapple – with a third flavour currently in development.

The pizzas are being manufactured by a BRC Grade A company and will be competitively priced to corporate catering, sporting venues, hotels and many other food service locations. 

More information:

Scotland Food & Drink support new and established companies is a wide range of ways, including through their Access to Markets and INSIGHTS programmes. 

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