Friday, 15 February 2013

[HM:255752] Hope For Tomorrow

Hope For Tomorrow

My day was long, my week was tough
But I refuse to fall no matter how rough
I'm tired, drained of strength
Exhausted from the day's great length
I longed for home, longed for rest
I long to the thing that I thought was best
She was what I wanted most
That she spent time with me I wanted to boast
But what I received when I got back
Made up for everything I did lack
My girl was there waiting for me
Those were the words I needed to see
But they weren't just words on my screen
They held meaning that had yet to be seen
They told me of the love in her heart
Told me I won, the end would soon start
Like the Allies that came and stormed up that beach
That moment they knew the goal was in reach
Battles would still have to be fought
But the day the y showed up victory was bought
The war was decided and hope was restored
Good had triumphed defeating the hoard
I know we're not done, there's still things to do
But those words gave me hope that I'll be with you
You gave me the words that wiped away sorrow
You gave me words that gave hope for tomorrow

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