Sunday, 17 July 2016

[HM:258453] Sincerity - The Actions Speak Louder Than Words

People mean what they do, not what they say. We all say a lot of things we don't really mean. I call it the "What, this old thing?" syndrome. We tell dozens of white lies every day to avoid hurting other people's feeling or because of a mild embarrassment about our bodies, our homes, our weaknesses or our habits. This pollutes our souls over the course of time.

But everybody means what they do, because action is meaning. Somebody might say, "Please disregard the mess in here."...but if they scurry to clean up the house before guests appear, they really mean it.

Do your actions conform to your values? That is a silly question, of course, because some of your actions do and some don't, just as some of mine do and some of mine don't. A better question would be how well do your actions conform to your values? Can you do something today to bring your actions in line with your values?

You mean what you do, so why not try to do what you mean?

Some Great Values to Live By

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