Wednesday, 17 February 2016

[HM:258345] The Journey of being a Management Student

What those duck headed boring Professors won't teach you in classroom.

Every Student who joins MBA Programme will have big dreams & expectations from the course in terms of fat salaries, job in top companies, posh lifestyle and a sweet girl/boyfriend.

But then, a Management Student carries huge load of stress from ever demanding parents, family & friends. 
Following are few questions that haunt a Management Student from different directions: 
How is the campus placement going on in your institute? 
Did you get placed in the campus recruitment? 
What is the salary package offered to you? 
How much is your Education Loan EMI?
The Journey of a Management Student is completely different from that of other students. The MBA journey teaches you many things than the destination itself can teach you.

Solving Case Studies, classroom presentations, learning business jargons & terminologies, writing business plans, decoding revenue & business models, understanding corporate strategies, acquiring spreadsheet skills, back to back exams, assignments etc. can eventually force you to travel through the different levels before you reach the peak of self-actualization on Maslow's hierarchy of
needs pyramid. 
Besides the academic load, it also involves building your resume brick by brick in terms of projects, internships, certifications etc. with a strong focus on "CGPA"growth rate. 
That said, being a Management Student can be fun & successful, if you have the required skills to manage a project called "LIFE". 
Let me warn you that, this write-up is completely "out of Syllabus", in the sense, I wish to discuss those very important things which are not taught in a B- School. 
Don't have a girlfriend? Get one or else you may fail: 
Yes, you heard it right, impressing a girl and impressing an interview panel have lot in common. Both make a detailed analysis about you before accepting you. Very few students experience the sheer thrill of getting a girl / boy say "yes" to their proposal. It requires well refined "Marketing Strategy" with loads of GUTS. Unfortunately, B-Schools won't teach you how to improve your "GUTS"
What you may have studied in "Consumer Behavior" and "Business Communication & soft skills" may not really help!!! 
If you cannot impress a girl in your life, chances are you do not possess key business skills like cold calling a client, consistently follow up the client till he gives business, accepting & dealing with rejections etc. Winning a girlfriend can teach you great Management lessons. 

Dump those Text Books: 
Text books can at max help you pass exams. A text book like "Principles of Business Statistics" cannot teach you how to effectively design business strategies using the data. It only introduces statistical concepts to you.

Instead, read a book like "Naked Statistics" by Charles Wheelan and you will know why your Stats professor is not so cute!!! Bingo
Here's a small list of books a Management Student must read before he moves out of campus: 
Losing my Virginity by Richard Branson
All Marketers Are Liars by Seth Godin
When to Rob a Bank by Levit & Dubner
Simply Fly: A Deccan Odyssey by Captain Gopinath
Stay Hungry Stay Foolish by Rashmi Bansa 

There are plenty of valuable books which can shape up your career, find them & read. 

Why your "Entrepreneurship" Professor did not become a successful entrepreneur himself?

Have you anytime asked such questions to your Professors? Ask him if you can risk getting low internal exam marks.
The reason according to me is that most of the B – School Professors are neither creative nor risk takers. They are only good at theories and concepts which they have been teaching for ages. Moral of the story is, being good in understanding theories like "Meaning & importance of Entrepreneurship"; "Screening of Ideas" etc. won't help. So, stop following your dim & dip Professors, take risk, go out & try something new. Enjoy the taste of failure.

What is the Correlation between numbers of beer bottles you consume vs. your exam score?
The correlation Coefficient in this case is Zero. So it means, you can party more, drink more and yet score more in your exams. Get a life & acquire the skills to balance it. Enjoy late night parties but attend all the sessions next day in college. Roam around, watch movies but submit assignments on time. Fight with your friends but ensure you deliver on team projects. Your Life is not a "Balanced Score Card" created by someone. It should be created by you and only you.
It all depends on the Strategy that you adopt to be happy.
By the way, what the hell is your strategy? Share your stories, I would love to read & share. Till then, signing off...


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