Monday, 11 April 2016

[HM:258399] Who Will You Chose to be - Drive 1 or Driver 2?

Driver 1 drives the Corolla. He paid it off already, has a 2 bedroom house paid for, makes 300K per year and has no debt/credit to pay, saves handsome amount and sleeps happily.

Driver 2 drives the Merc Benz. He has 3 Years left to pay it off, has a 4 bedroom house with hundreds of thousands left to pay, makes 200K per anum and has poor credit, lot of debt to pay, sleeps with a lot of stress each night 

Sadly many people would choose to be driver 2 because of what it looks like in spite of the reality that driver 1 is more wealthy. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is a good example of driver 1. Your circumstances will never change until the way you think changes.

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