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What is Naadi Astrology ??

Neer  Naadi

Nadi Astrology is an ancient Indian system of Predicting one's future taking into consideration the past and present.The origin of this is the great seers and saints who lived thousands of years ago .Their attainment of a particular level in the unfoldment of total knowledge presented them the nature scope and end of every human being living in different ages. Later in the interest of the wellbeing of the humanity to reach the final goal of life, they documented in the palmyrah leaves.

The bundles of these documents are called as Nadi bundles containing the valuable information of the life of the humanity.There are collections of these bundles, and each collection is named after a particular seer who documented that. In the passage of time all those collections were stranded and they were again collected nearly two thousand years ago as much as was possible and they are preserved to be used perpetually in a place known as Vaitheeswarankoil about 300 km in south of Chennai India.

Each Nadi is a collection of the inscriptions of a particular Rishi concerned , written in Vatta Ezhuthu , a Tamil script, with a sharp, nail-like instrument called Ezhuthani. The palm leaves are preserved by the application of peacock oil on auspicious occasions. These palm leaves are still preserved in the Saraswathi Mahal library of Tanjore(Thanjavur), in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The primary centre for Nadi Shastra/Nadi Astrology is in Vaitheeswarankoil, near Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu.

The palm leaf inscription of an individual is spotted out on the basis of that individual's thumb impression. Modes found in the thumbs of the people on the earth are classified into more than 100 categories. The Nadi, palm leaf inscriptions are arranged according to these categories. The Nadi readers identify the particular category of the mode on the thumb and the corresponding set of palm leaves are taken out. The time duration to pick up one's leaf depends upon the identification of the thumb impression. Some impressions are identified easily and the corresponding leaves are found soon.

Leaves are there not only for Indian nationals but also for foreigners and other nationals belonging to other religions and creeds. Its all one's destiny to get the leaf identified and the predictions known to the person concerned.








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