Sunday, 28 August 2011

[HM:245193] You Have Not Seen Africa


Nick Brandt – photographer, artist, lover of beauty. His photographs of Africa and its people make us look at the continent with an entirely new way. This is a wonderful, romantic Africa, expressed in her famous photographer inhabitants. Comments to the photo are not needed – the images speak for themselves. That you have not seen Africa. 

An elephant drinks.

Giraffes at sunset in the Masai Mara in 2006.

The group goes to the elephant watering hole.

Abandoned ostrich egg.

Buffalo head down.

A herd of elephants crosses the lake.

Elephant with broken ears.

Elephants go on the grass.

Elephants go on the bottom of a dried-up lake.

Giraffes and sand vortex.

Giraffes fighting in the woods.

Giraffes migrate.

Gorilla on rock.

Portrait of the king of beasts.

Lion resting under a crooked tree.

Lion on a rock.

Lion and Lioness. As they say, in perfect harmony.

Rhino on the lake.

Rhinos on the lake.

Lion before the storm. (Nick Brandt)


Cheetah and her cubs.

Doug wild herds.

 Lion against the rocks.

Baboons in the profile.

Hippos in the river Mara.

The elephant in the clouds of dust.

A herd of elephants.

A female cheetah and her cubs on a rock.

King of beasts.

Lioness sitting on rock.

Cheetah on a tree.

"Fan" of giraffes.

Sloniha-mother and two cubs.

A herd of elephants.

Buffaloes. Group portrait.

 Portrait of a lion in the wind.

Giraffes by scrolling clouds.

Portret chimpanzees.

Zebras cross the river.

Lion cub and nursing.

Lioness looking to the plain.

Kudu in the sky.

Giraffe on the plains.


Trinity giraffes.

Leopard leaned against a tree.

Elephant and her calf, holding on to a trunk for her leg.

Chimpanzee posing.

Elephants in the shadowy world.

Rhino in the dust.

Two rhinoceros.

Buffalo, blind in one eye a rest.

The elephant in the garden.

The female giraffe and her calf in the trees.

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Coonoor Nilgris


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