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[HM:247754] Home Remedies for Longer Eyelashes !!

Home Remedies for Longer Eyelashes

It can be frustrating to look at the mirror and stare at your sparse eyelashes. At some point, you just wish that you could have the cosmetic models' long lashes to die for. It's just so good to look at women with the perfect curled lashes.

Good news for you, there's a number of different ways to get longer eyelashes. For starters, you have eyelash extensions and eyelash transplants. There are also drugs that can enhance the growth of eyelashes. Lastly, there are simple home remedies for longer eyelashes to top them all off.

Here's a list of the top 5 home remedies that you can try:

The Castor Oil Method

Castor Oil is a vegetable oil and a known lubricant used in many cosmetics. To prepare an application that you can use to grow longer lashes, you will need to mix equal parts of castor oil and glycerin in a re-sealable container. You can use a spoon to mix them and in case you're wondering where to find glycerin, they are sold in local drug stores and pharmacies.
Apply the mixed castor oil and glycerin into your eyelashes before you go to bed and rinse it off when you wake up in the morning. Repeat the procedure until you get the desired result. Be sure to keep the container in a safe storage.

The Petroleum Jelly Method

This is an easy one. Simply dip your fingers into the petroleum jelly container and apply some to your eyelashes every night. Just leave it there for four minutes and rinse it off using water and a gentle soap before going to bed. Repeat this method every night.

The Olive Oil Method

To use this method, you will need a paint brush to start with. Use it to apply olive oil into your eyelashes before you go to bed. Keep re-moistening the brush with olive oil as needed. Just leave the olive oil on for the night and wash it all off in the morning. Don't forget to rinse the brush before storing it.

The Trimming Method

This is probably one of the easiest home remedies for longer eyelashes. All you have to do is to close one eye and leave the other one open so that you can see your eyelashes.
Trim the tips of your eyelashes using a pair of manicure scissors. The reason behind this method is simple. Your eyelashes will grow better when trimmed. Keep in mind that you should only do this once a month.

Now to finish this, choose one of the lash growth stimulator mentioned above and apply it on your eyelashes for better results.

Healthy Diet and Lifestyle

This is the last method and probably one of the most effective home remedies for longer lashes that you should not only keep in mind, but should practice regularly.
The hairs in your body including your eyelashes need all the nutrients it can get. The least that you could do is to maintain an adequate diet and live a healthy lifestyle. Keeping your body in shape can do wonders not only to your skin but to your eyelashes as well.

There you have it, the top 5 home remedies for longer lashes. You can start using the above mentioned eyelash growth stimulators as soon as you can and wait for the results. Remember, you need to be patient because the eyelashes are apparently the slowest growing hairs in the human body.



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