Monday, 31 October 2011

[HM:247915] GAME:::LUFTHANSA::: You are the Pilot

You are the Pilot            
This link is a web sight with a game that you are the pilot of a plane
taking off from the US - - each time, the plane leaves, you are told the
destination - -
Good Luck on your Geography!
Don't get too excited when the plane lands where you selected. It always
does. A line is then drawn to where it should have landed and your result
is based on the difference in the two locations!
Try to land an airplane in the city they call for.
The closer the more points.
Good geography lesson and a chance to visit many cities of the world - -
Good Luck!!!
click bellow
I have 268300 points, it is not so easy.  And how much you have?





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