Saturday, 20 June 2015

[HM:257985] The Youngest International Seven Years old Author Of India

Aditya Khairnar is seven years and five months old. He was born in Ahmedabad on 6 December 2007. Now, he is in Third Standard. Aditya has been brought up in conventional and modern atmosphere. He has been listening stories from The Panchatantra, The Ramayana, The Mahabharata, The Upnisada and some religious books which are told by his grandmother and grandfather and on other part, he has listened stories of modern world, science based like electricity and absurd items ,written and told by his father since he was one month old. Till the age of two he was unable to speak when his admission was confirmed in Madhav International School. But in his phrasal language, he started telling stories at two and wrote his first story when he was on two and half years old. Imitating his father, he used to scribble on page as if he was writing something. Gradually, he started arranging his thoughts and drawing them up on the page. During these four and half years, he completed writing twenty stories. Other stories which had imitative nature have not included in the book.

His honesty and curiosity to know the world and beyond it, his intensive desire to grow elder, inspired him to express his feelings and thoughts in the form of hilarious and thought provoking stories.

Apart from Aditya's grand imagination and hilarious way to narrate the story, he has set legendry example by grabbing some of the remarkable achievements. At the age of seven, he is an International Author by getting published the book, "Smile on All Faces: A Collection of Short Stories of Living and Un-living Things"(April 2015), in US by CreateSpace Amazon and Asia by Mfista Creativeminds in India. He is youngest author of India (Asia) and Third youngest in the world. His book is available in six continents in more than 100 countries. As if it was a not enough, he has started a child creativity awareness movement, "Smile on All Faces" supported by upcoming Child Creativity Development website, The website has announced Aditya as its Brand Ambassador. Amazingly, he loves to give suggestion to other children to make big family of Authors and advices parents to support creative development of the children.

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