Friday, 30 September 2011

[HM:246670] Google’s New App Status Dashboard Quickly Indicates Issues With Google Apps


Google's New App Status Dashboard Quickly Indicates Issues With Google Apps

By Julian Horsey on Wednesday 28th September 2011 9:25 am in Technology News

If you use any of Google's services such as Gmail, Calendar, Talk or Docs to name a few, you might be interested to know that this week Google have unveiled a new updated version of its Apps Status Dashboard which has been redesigned to provide Google App users with much more detailed information about the status of Google apps.

So rather than worrying if your device is playing up a quick visit to the new Google App Status website will instantly show you which Google services are currently experiencing problems and even provide you with detailed information on the cause and seriousness of the issue.


The new dashboard shows only service disruptions and outages and the size of the dot indicates the length of outage and the colour will indicate the severity.  When you click on one of the yellow or red dots in the timeline, a single transcript will appear that displays all the status messages for that issue. The dot to the left of the service name will show the current status of the service.

Visit the new Apps Status Dashboard and add it to your bookmarks for future reference to check if Google is having issues with an application you use.

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