Sunday, 27 November 2011

[HM:248647] Box gives iOS users 50GB free online storage


Box gives iOS users 50GB free online storage

Cloud storage provider Box has announced that it will offer a whopping 50GB of free storage space for iOS users, just like it did for TouchPad owners earlier this year.

The offer will be available to both existing and new account holders and the company will also be increasing individual file upload capacity from 25MB to 100MB to make it even more useful.

The extra storage will come in handy for snap-happy iPhone 4S and iOS5 users who are only allowed to store their last 1000 photos in Apple's iCloud. It'll also make the 30 day cloud storage expiry limit for photos taken on your iDevice less of an issue.

The promotion will last 50 days, so check here for all the info before helping yourself to a slice of some cloud storage pie.


*M Junaid Tahir


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