Wednesday, 30 November 2011

[HM:248733] STRAIGHT.. / Poem



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Straight from my heart to you
There's trouble getting started
I'm not real sure what to do

  This letter would just touch your heart
And pull those little strings
That give a nice funny feeling
That makes your heart want to sing

   My letter would say of my love
So much to give to you
And hopefully it would make you say
That yes, you love me too

 It would remind you of the moments
The two of us did share
And pull the thoughts straight from your heart
To remind you that you care

   I know it's just a letter
I hope that it just might
Make you think I'm holding you
in my arms so tight

   Never will it take the place
Of my being by your side
But hope it can show all the love
I feel for you inside

   I wish that I could write it
To show just how I feel
But if I were to write it now
You'd say "hey what's the deal"

   So I just write this poem
Knowing it's not the same
But rather put words to paper
Than to hang my head in shame

   I wanted to write a love letter
And send it from my heart
To hope that soon one day
We would not be apart

   So take these words I've written
With love to you from me
And with a lot of hope and work
Together we will be

   I'd like to end by saying
I often think of you
I hope to stare in your clear blue eyes
And say that I love you
 I hope you take my words
Of actions I can't do
And hold them in your heart
And say you love me too.
Love you baby.



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