Wednesday, 30 November 2011

[HM:248753] Values for Life


What are your values ​​of life?

If only material values ​​that are here today and that tomorrow may be gone, you can spend your life struggling - like a bird in a cage - is not going nowhere.
But if you search the ways of the Spirit, you need look within to achieve them, and it only happens in peace so they can emerge from these untold treasures that are within you, for you possess within all that life needs.
You are free to make your own decisions with regard to what is important. Nobody will try to influence you, because all souls are entitled to free will. That depends on you to make your life a disaster or a victory.
The light is there, why not follow it?
The love is there, why not accept it?
Nothing shall be refused if you're looking for with all your heart, with all the intelligence, with all your soul and with all his might. 

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