Tuesday, 30 April 2013

[HM:256003] Correct Calculation

We cannot simply accept that part of the scripture we like, and reject what we don't like, and still expect to get the result. If you miss one point, there is a mistake in your calculation. Regardless of what you add or subtract after that, the mistake is already in the calculation, and everything that follows will also be faulty.

For example, a hen lays eggs with its back part and eats with its beak. A farmer may consider, "The front part of the hen is very expensive because I have to feed it. Better to cut it off."But if the head is missing there will be no eggs anymore, because the body is dead. Similarly, if
we reject the difficult part of the scriptures and obey the part we like, such an interpretation will not help us. We have to accept all the injunctions of the scripture as they are given, not only those that suit us

Comments Junaid Tahir; 
This concept is applicable to so many scenarios of our professional life. We focus on easy things or easily resolvable matters and ignore the difficult things. We do not consider the fact that easy matters may not be the most important ones instead the ignored one may have the big negative impact hence it is highly recommended to meet the problems, greet the problems, treat the problems and then defeat the problems.

M Junaid Tahir

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