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[HM:256401] Rupee Depreciation, Companies Most Impacted

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Subject: Rupee Depreciation, Companies Most Impacted

Rupee Depreciation, Companies Most Impacted

We have created 5 list of Companies to understand which are the companies, and how will they get impacted on account of rupee depreciation. These lists can be used as ready reckoner. In case of most of the companies, financial data relates to FY12, being the most recent year for which audited annual accounts are available.

The Lists are as follows:

Companies which are 'Huge Importers'.

Companies which has 'Significant foreign debt interest expense'.

Companies which has 'Significant FX Capital outflow as % of Net Assets'.

Companies which are 'Foreign Exchange Earner'.

Companies which are 'FX Earner but also has outflow on account of Interest or Capex'.



Recently, Rupee against USD has depreciated significantly. This will impact importers badly, their import cost will rise and if they are not able to pass on the rising cost it will squeeze their margins making them unviable to survive for longer.

To some extent they will be able to pass on the rising cost to other producers and consumers. However, this will further fuel the inflation in the economy.

In the recent past, cooling off inflation has proven to be the biggest challenge for the government, thereby deterring it to cut the interest rates, which in turn has led to slowing down of the growth engine of the economy.

On the positive side, depreciating rupee will benefit exporters and other foreign exchange earners.

For a country like India which has high Current Account Deficit (CAD), depreciating rupee will have overall huge negative impact.





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