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[HM:256401] What Fund Managers Bought: May 13

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Subject: What Fund Managers Bought: May 13

What Fund Managers Bought: May 13

It is said that it's wise to follow a wiser. Mutual funds, being the institutional investor are deemed to undertake more informed decisions, as they are headed by highly qualified individuals who have better access to the information and ability to analyze it. So, it would be beneficial to keep an eye on their investment activities.

As required by SEBI, mutual funds report their portfolios of various scheme on monthly basis. One can easily compare the market value of a stock in two monthly portfolio and know how much is the increases/decrease in value. However, it would be more meaningful, if we dissect this increases/decrease in value into two:

1.       On account of price and

2.       On account of Additional investment / selling.

This is because, it is possible that a stock is heavily beaten by the market, however the Fund Manager (FM) whom you trust has actually bought the stock in huge quantity.

Click here for the details of Stock Bought & Sold by Top 10 AMC.




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