Monday, 7 October 2013

[HM:256805] cheats its customers by selling inferior quality products

This was originally posted on But the buggers at flipkart chose to delete. It looks like Flipkart only supports Cheap Chinese products rather than supporting a genuine Indian buyer. Till date I was buying most of the things for my family on flipkart, but an email from their support team changed my views. I will stop using flipkart now on.

Though flipkart says that it helps in making informed decisions, it deletes negative reviews on  its products page.. how pathetic it is  

Worst Modem Router and worst possible Customer Support Service at TP LInk:

Does this company TP-Link really has any standards for its products? I have bought a TP-Link modem router (Model-TD-W8951ND) in January 2013, which stopped working in first week of September 2013. As there was a 3 year warranty, I tried to find out the nearest TP Link service centre. But these guys do not have any service center in Bangalore. The toll free number provided on the product package does not seems to be working, no one bothers to receive the call. However, with the support of Flipkart team and with a much delayed email response from TP Link support team, I found out the Service Partners of TP Link in Bangalore (in fact, they are only sales partners of TP Link). I got it replaced from your customer support center in Bangalore on 12th September 2013. 

Within a week, the new modem router started behaving strangely and restarts on its own. I tried calling TP Link contact center over 50 times on 16th September between morning 10.15AM-2.30PM, but no living soul received the call, but I was tired of calling this  customer support center number. If TP LInk does not wish to support customers when they need it at the most, should shut those technical support centers, there is no fucking reason to waste any ones money on non-functional toll free numbers and also waste customers' time & energy. 

Again, on 18th September, I went to TP Link's support center in Bangalore, who replaced the modem saying not to come to them again and if there are any more issues. I was advised to contact TP LInk directly if there are any problems.

Within two weeks on 28th September 2013, the replaced modem router with serial number 134B2117016 and product number 1711502042, started rebooting every two minutes. 

Now, that TP LInk's local support center has asked me not visit them again, and TP LInk doesn't have a service center in Bangalore. What should I do? I am loosing my hourly wages because of this non-functional modem router. who will compensate that?

It looks like TP LInk is dumping its cheap Chinese made products in India and the company does not have any intentions of selling quality products. The only thing the company is maintaining is the worst quality of its products. If they cant provide me with a proper working product, they should return my money.


Aditya Nadig

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