Saturday, 19 October 2013

[HM:256845] Set the direction - Ralph Marston - The Daily Motivator

What you think of yourself has a major impact on what you do with your life. Think more positively about yourself and your world, and every area of your life will reflect it.

All day long, every day, your mind is active, with one thought after another. Instead of making those thoughts judgmental or despairing, choose to make them thankful, loving and accepting.

It's really ver
y easy to aim your thoughts in a positive direction. Just remind yourself to do it, and it's done.

Think more highly of yourself, and you'll soon find yourself living up to your improved self image. Expect the best in every situation and you'll uncover new value wherever you look.

Just one simple, positive thought can turn your life in a more productive, effective and fulfilling direction. Imagine what a continuous flow of positive thoughts can do for your day.

What you think sets the direction for where you'll go. Make the commitment to think the best, and enjoy reaping the rewards of a more positive, purposeful you.

Junaid Tahir

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