Saturday, 14 December 2013

[HM:257007] Dozen of Dresses In Wardrobe But Still Nothing To Wear?

She opens her wardrobe. Two dozen dresses— red, yellow, orange, pink, and you-name-it— are hanging there.  After a cursory glance, she bangs the door shut.
"Mom, I have nothing to wear for the party," she whines.  "I've been begging you to take me shopping for ages— you never listen to me!  What do I do now?"
He's rummaging in the fridge for the fourth time.  Pizza, chocolate, ice-cream, fruits, and juices are stuffed inside.  He closes the door despondently and leaves the kitchen, saying, "There's nothing much to eat in here. Let's go to the café and get some decent food."
She wakes up with the same feelings of depression and dread that she's been experiencing every morning.  Thoughts of suicide are again floating in her mind.  She's married to a handsome man and has two lovely kids, a home, and a car— everything most women would ask for.  Apparently, life is perfect, but something is missing; she's just not married to the man of her dreams.
He's seventeen years old. He has an iPhone, Core I-7 Dell, and 1000 bucks monthly pocket money, but according to him his life sucks.  He can't focus on his textbook.  He slams it shut and starts pacing the room as he thinks aloud: "If my friend can own a Jaguar, why the hell can't I? Everything sucks."
Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?
 The Ingratitude Habit
As we grow up, we get tuned to be ungrateful, to be blind to the blessings in our lives. We focus all our energy and attention on looking for what's lacking in our lives. This is really ironic, because the more we focus on scarcity, the more we tend to attract it.
How to Become a Black Hole of Despair
Research has proven that our thoughts and emotions emit powerful signals, and that these signals have the ability to attract signals of the same frequency!  In other words, whenever you're ungrateful or have negative, self-defeating thoughts (for example, I never seem to have enough of money, or I can never be healthy, or I'll never find a practicing husband) or worry about issues beyond your control, you're actually emitting energies that will attract similar energies. Ultimately, you'll end up becoming a black hole of despair.  All the worries, arguments, and frustration just lead to more of the same.
Want to try to attract more peace, joy, harmony, ease, and prosperity? Choose your thoughts consciously and carefully

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