Monday, 23 June 2014

[HM:257285] A collection of post election jokes

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A collection of post election jokes
Tide and Rin have competition from Congress. Itni zabardast dhulai hui hai.

There is a great Rahul Gandhi wave in the country... Everyone is waving him good bye.

Congress: "Rahul-baba, jahan bhi ho, ghar aa jao. Mata aur behen dono pareshan hai. Koi kuchh nahi kahega; sari jimmedari Manmohan-uncle ne li hain. Jaldi aa jao, bas."

Sonia and Rahul should not resign. Otherwise, Congress may recover.

Manmohan Singh's wife goes to Sonia Gandhi's house... To get the remote control back.

"Why  is  the mute button worn out?" asks Mrs Singh.

Manmohan Singh went to the vegetable market, the morning following his resignation.

Manmohan: Gobi kitne ki hai?

Vendor: Bas kar, rulayega kya, pagle? Free hai, tere liye. Pehli baar aawaaz suni hai teri!

Manmohan Singh begins work on his autobiography titled, "5 Mistakes of My Life: 2G, 3G, Sonia G, Rahul G, and Rahul G ke Jija G".

Congress ki samasya ye hai ki jo yuva josh Rahul Gandhi me hona chahiye woh Digvijay Singh me hai.

Ab to Congress ke bhi achche din aane wale hain.

ND Tiwari ke baad, Digvijay Singh bhabhi laane wale hain.

Girlfriend: Jaanu, aaj milte hain.

Boyfriend: Kahan milna hai?

Girlfriend: Koi sunsaan si jagah, jahan koi na ho.

Boyfriend: Thik hai, fir ek ghante me Congress Head Office me milte hain.

Arvind Kejriwal got more slaps than seats!

Even Tata Nano has more seats than the Aam Admi Party!

Arvind Kejriwal says that Aam Janata has also become corrupt.

Modi: How many seats did you get?

Nitish: 2 seats.

Modi: I also got 2 seats. One from Vadodara and one from Varanasi. What are you going to do next?

Nitish: Resign as CM of my state.

Modi: Me too! LOL.

Nitish: Phone rakh tu, saale.

Modi: Aao maje lete hai.

Amit Shah: Woh kaise, bhai?

Modi: Mayawati ko phone lagao aur poochho samarthan dengi?

A Gujju will do anything for a US VISA, even if that means becoming PM.

Obama: Congrats, Mr. Modi, for the victory. Now, let's talk about the VISA problem.

Modi: There is no problem. You can apply for it online. We'll issue it.

Abhi parents ko sochna padega ki bacche ko chai ki dukan pe bhej ke Modi banana hai ya IIT me bhej ke Kejriwal.


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