Wednesday, 23 December 2015

[HM:258272] Creating Positive Energy In the Home


A home that pulses with positive energy is a joy to live in. But what are the tricks to designing a space that attracts good vibes and repels negativity? Here are some easy and simple steps you can take that accentuate the positive at home.


Design details


Rooms that have flow, natural light and space are more likely to buzz with positive energy. If your home is cluttered, edit some of the stuff you don't need from your life. This goes for furnishings as well as clothing and other possessions – if you haven't used it in a year, do you really need to keep it? Rooms overflowing with furniture stifle positivity, so select your favorite essentials, then donate the rest to a good cause. Removing clutter is one of the chief principles of the ancient art of feng shui. Discarding excess material possessions and clutter is believed to allow positive energy to circulate more freely about the home, encouraging peace and serenity within.


Happy colors


Mood and ambience is hugely influenced by the colors we choose in our home décor. Dark, heavily pigmented paint shades suck the light from a room, shrinking the dimensions and giving a somber mood. To invite positive influences, choose colors that reflect the light, warm shades that lift the atmosphere and reference the natural world. Soft yellow and orange tones, merged with greens and creams that have a luminous quality, will all add fizz and freshness to rooms.


The power of light


Sunshine boosts positive energy levels, making you feel happier. Direct natural light into your home and improve your sense of well being in a subtle but measurable way. Light and airy rooms feel more spacious, are uplifting and inspiring to spend time in, and they also stimulate us into action and movement, rather than sedentary behavior. Design rooms in such a way that light has easy access from outside, keeping window treatments to a minimum and making sure trees and bushes do not block out the sun. Installing elegant and streamlined interior shutters for greater control makes a noticeable difference, because you can manage the natural light levels throughout the day, according to mood.


To further lift light levels, carefully placed mirrors can be used to reflect it back into the room, doubling up the energy levels. Light up dark corners and alcoves with mirrors and lamps, and fit a crystal chandelier for extra sparkle and movement.


Natural appeal


Feng shui fans recommend jade plants and interior water fountains to add positive power to the domestic interior. Just as good are freshly cut blooms placed so that their perfume and quiet beauty can dissipate into the atmosphere. Alternatively, spread the scents of frankincense and cinnamon essential oils, which neutralize negative energies, or rose and orange oils, which are aligned to love and joy in particular. Add several drops into a spritzer containing water, and with a few sprays, the mood of a room is transformed.


A house with positive energy levels directly impacts the occupants and how they feel. Banish dark moods and replace them with outward looking, positive thinking that works on every level. A great place to start making changes is in your close environment, so take a fresh look at your home and start taking some positive, energizing steps.

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