Tuesday, 20 March 2012

[HM:251988] DRUGS FOR MEN funny

New drugs for MEN created by WOMEN Scientists...

ANIVERSIA : Triggers memories of birthdays and anniversaries.

SLIMOXIL : Widens male cornea making wives appear slim.

SPORTOBLIND X : Reacts with optic nerve to prevent men from recognizing the word"sports"on TV.

WORKOCETAMOL : Generates an insatiable desire in men to do household chores.

SHOPHOFOBEX : Makes men eager to take wives for shopping every week and wait patiently.

FLIRTONATE -N : It makes a black covering in the eyes when a girl is passing by!:

 Dont" keep me in ur eyes, i may fall as tears.Keep me in ur heart, so that ur every "heart beat" may reminds u that there is "someone 4 u"...

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