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[HM:252119] Inside a Wave - Mind-blowing Photography...!!!!!


Inside a Wave - Mind-blowing Photography!

These are some mindblowing photos from inside a wave called shore break art photographs. Getting inside, over and under 30-40 foot waves is no small feat, especially with bulky camera equipment, and a goal of finding that perfect angle and lighting condition that makes a perfect shot.

"The Shorebreak Art of Clark Little" is nothing short of epic.

(all images copyright Clark Little via DRB)

Clark Little is pretty well known today as the foremost shore break art photographer (his art has been seen on "Good Morning America", and featured in a number of glossy magazines all over the world). But as much as we like the fantastic shots of various wave' innards, we are even more impressed to see him pitched against dangerous, massive amounts of water - violent waves, where you only have a moment to make that shot and to get out of the harm's way.

Into the Vortex!

(Clark with his camera "inside" and "under" the waves)

Encounter with a Wave (almost alien-like in intensity, if you ask me):

The Result: Out of This World

A glorious, almost Mandelbrot-like complexity is simply striking in this "Glitter" photograph (our favorite):

Unusual, over-saturated colors show up inside crystal clear waves, reflecting kaleidoscopic world around them:

There is also a place for pure abstraction, even psychedelic touches:

This image is titled "The Twelve Disciples" - see if you can spot some faces inside that wave, too:

Here is perhaps his most famous image: the wave's "mohawk", an amazingly colorful splash, featured recently inside National Geographic magazine:

Another singular splash:

Inside the belly of the beast: "The Twister" photograph shows what a violent wave is made of -

Even in the absence of killer monster waves, the shorebreak art can look slightly alien... Here is the little "Frosty" guy:




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