Tuesday, 18 September 2012

[HM:254847] Story: Considering full perspective of things

A sage was living in the forest. One day, he visited the nearby human habitation to know about the condition of the people living there. The presence of the sage made everybody happy. Giving due respect, they escorted him to the temple located in the heart of the habitation.
The financial condition of the people was not good due to a reduction in production. The sage realized that everyone was broken in their hearts. The sage took his seat on the small stage in the courtyard of the temple. People were desirous of listening something from him. The sage took out a piece of milky white paper from his bag. There was a small black dot at the centre of the paper. The stage held the piece of paper high so that everyone could have a good look at it. All of them who were present there looked at it anxiously.
The sage asked, "What are you all seeing?"
A young man answered promptly, "Sir, it is only a black dot!" The sage pointed his finger towards another person and asked, "And what are you seeing?" The middle aged man gave the same answer. Asking an aged man, the sage got the same answer.
Thereafter, the sage said, "That means, you all are not able to see anything other than the black dot." All present there answered in loudly, "Yes." Hearing this, the sage said, "You all are not able to see the paper in my hand. But, the small dot on that paper is able to attract the attention of all of you." There was a murmur created in the crowd, "Oh yes, it really is so!"
The sage smiled and said, "You all missed to see the paper though it was before your eyes. Life is also like that. Ignoring many big things around us, we concentrate on small things like the black dot. If we mind small and insignificant things always, will our life not get restricted? Free your mind. The solutions to all your problems are lying hidden inside you. You will get everything you desire if you only meditate and think."
M Junaid Tahir

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