Tuesday, 18 September 2012

[HM:254848] Smart car alerts you of low battery, notifies dealer and more ...

Imagine your car calling to inform that you have not switched off the light inside your vehicle.

That's exactly what BMW's ConnectedDrive promises.

It not only informs you that your car battery is being drained out, but the new upgraded feature will also automatically notify the local BMW dealer of the battery's condition for it to be checked at the next service.

The Automatic Teleservice Call feature also ensured that the service centre makes a booking for the required technical maintenance service.

BMW claims to be the first company to have offered in-dash navigation back in 1994.

The ConnectedDrive facility that was introduced recently has been updating cool new features to put tech-savvy drivers at ease.

Existing systems such as Assist, that's part of the Connected Drive can now call the cops and the ambulance service in case of an accident in which the airbags are deployed.

The online feature allows passengers to receive news/RSS feeds and weather forecasts while on the move, as well as read and reply to e-mails.

What's more, a new android app My BMW Remote, available on the Google Play store as part of the Android Market allows functions such as locking or unlocking the car doors remotely, adjusting the climate control, auxiliary ventilation and heating settings.

But that does not mean you can leave your children or pets inside the car while you shop.

A similar app has been available to iPhone users since 2010


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