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[HM:254910] Cat Lover Lady lynea But Lattanzio

Carring: lynea Lattanzio, who was banned by her                mother from HAVING cats as a child, started to take in                rescue animals and strays after her divorce in 1981
Grub's up: The gated sanctuary supports eight homes                and boasts Specialised cat felines of all breeds and                sizes
New                arrival: An hour-old kitten is Brought into the facility                for medical attention at The Cat House
New arrival: A kitten hours of age, is brought to the medical facility in the Cat House and in the following 30 years, she has a staggering 19,000 moggies welcomed on his property of 12 acres in Parlier, California.

The Cat House, which she founded in the vicinity of Fresno, also offers low cost spaying and neutering pet references and facilitates adoptions. Costing a hefty $ 40.260 a ($ 26,000) per week - or $ 5,729.31 (£ 3.714) per day - to keep it dependent on donations and a dedicated team of volunteers to help her get the job done.

Read more ... Shiver me tim-purrs! These cats will not stop pirate cream, They want your gold and treasures dogs also Fashion: The rescue dogs have found homes after the appeal catwalk photographer gave them She said the Cats are often coming to New York after the owners decided Their apartments are too small for their pets. Sometimes, residents drop unwanted kittens on the right door.

A nursery, an intensive care unit, and events for nursing home for elderly cats are housed within its walls, Where endless meows cast throughout the day.
Down time: Cats are Often flown in from New York,                after owners decided Their apartments are too small for                Their pets
Dinner time: It costs Almost $ 40.260 per month to                buy the cat food and medical supplies
Help around the house: A team of dedicated volunteers                chip in with much-needed work around the estate
Help around the house: A team of dedicated volunteers chip in with much needed work around the property She said: 'We are not a cage, no kill adoption sanctuary. I'm not crazy, what I do is crazy. I prefer to say I'm eccentric or masochistic. It's the same thing, only more enjoyable.

"I'm sure there are other places that do what I do. I just do not know where they are. And obviously, they are few and far between. What I say is - If they have no home at least they have a life. "

And, as if hundreds of cats were not enough to care, Ms Lattanzio also has 15 dogs. She says, however, this is just the beginning.

Ms Lattanzio, which promotes online shrine on Facebook Petfinder and, expects the series to increase traffic in the refuge. And she does not intend to turn many animals away.

After 19 years working to build the sanctuary in California, she is taking care of its content is lost Hundreds - Even if outsiders continue to call it the crazy cat lady.

Everyone is welcome: Also The estate is home to 15              dogs

Yard            time: Cats of all shapes, colors and sizes make new friends            Hundreds of When They arrive on the estate

Time Yard: Cats of all shapes and sizes Hundreds of new friends when they arrive on property


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