Tuesday, 25 September 2012

[HM:254884] Biggest Tech Myths You Hear All the Time

Just like any other field, tech world also have certain myths and tales that have passed down for generations. They seem so obvious and everyone has known them for so long that we feel them to be correct. But they actually are not. Here is a list of some of those lies, misunderstandings, fables, and the real truths behind them
* Leaving Your Laptop On Your Lap Will Make You Sterile
*More Megapixels Means Better Camera
*A Magnet Can And Will Erase Your Hard Drive

* Facebook Is About To Start Charging For Service

* Leaving Your Laptop Plugged In Will Kill The Battery

* Terrible things happen if you turn off your PC without shutting down Windows

* Cookies track everything you do on the Internet

* Closing Out Apps On Your iPhone Extends Battery Life

* You Need To Run Down Your Battery All The Way At Least Once A Week

* The QWERTY Keyboard Was Designed To Slow Typists Down

* Macs Do Not Get Viruses

* Using a cell phone on a plane interferes with the navigation of the aircraft.

I'm sure, all of you would have heard the above TECH MYTHS.


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