Wednesday, 7 August 2013

[HM:256599] One More Thing

When you've done enough good things, all that's expected of you, go ahead and do one more thing. Give your life and your world an unexpected bonus by giving a little extra effort.

That one more little thing can make a big difference. It could very well be the difference between just getting by and surging powerfully ahead.

If you try to get by with doing as little as possible, you're guaranteed to struggle endlessly. Instead of seeing how little you can do, choose to be pleasantly surprised, inspired and energized by how much you can accomplish.

When the work you must do is finished, don't stop. You're on a productive roll, so get a little more value from it.

In fact, it feels great to make a difference, so extend that great feeling a little longer. You've gotten yourself to a positive, satisfying place, so enjoy it.

Once you've done everything, do one more thing, just because you can. And enjoy how truly great, and effective, and in control, and alive it makes you feel.

Ralph Marston - The Daily Motivator

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