Thursday, 22 August 2013

[HM:256666] Mistake from the movie director




1. It's a bird, it's superman,

no....... it's just an aeroplane from trojan horse film starring by Brad Pitt


2.What are you staring at?... OOh I see,

I actually the firstttttt director of Adidas Company


3.You think your kung Fu is good?

I dont think is as good as the watch in my left hand



4.Well friend... Actually I dont know how to shoot a gun,

I am an actor, not a policeman

5.Woman : Tony, you drop your Hand phone

       Man  : sssttt... shut up, we're on movie


But not as stupid as


6. Bush : This military equipment is really awesome,

I can even see the night in other countries 8-)



7. Bush :  How do I read this book? Do I have to read it upside down ? 

    Kid   :  no, sir but  please look at me as you are really understand coz the world is staring at you right now


Best Regards,
Pallavi K


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