Tuesday, 13 August 2013

[HM:256611] Block Unwanted Sites Without Any Software - Parental Control

There are many software in the market to block sites .But in every method You have to type  the websites which you want  to block in your computer.
                                                             Today i have a simple tut to do that  but i am not using any high weighted software which slows down my computer.We just need a notepad which is pre-built installed in every version of microsoft windows .
1: Go to start and click on run or just press windows button + R
2:In the empty bar just put the following code

 notepad %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts


Click on the picture to enlarge

3:After this press  ok you will see this type of window

Click on the picture to enlarge

4:Type here the  sites you want to block with ip as shown in the below picture

5:Now click on save and You have blocked the sites

NOTE:You have to write one site twice as i have written to work it
I hope It will work for you..

That`s ALL.....!

: http://www.blogging-heaven.com/2012/10/block-unwanted-sites-without-any-software.html#sthash.ES6tYpz6.dpuf


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