Tuesday, 20 August 2013

[HM:256657] Bitterness Spread everywhere… 1QFY14 Result Analysis

Bitterness Spread everywhere… 1QFY14 Result Analysis

1.     If we analyze last 10 years 1st Quarter performance, we will find that, India Inc had the 2nd slowest topline growth in 1QFY14.

2.     And this is 3rd time in last 5 years, when aggregate bottomline of India Inc shrank in 1Q.

3.     25% of Small Cap Companies have posted "Huge Losses", which is a big concern. And the loss magnitude of these 25% companies is so high that it took away entire profits of rest of 75% Small Cap Companies.

4.     If one takes into account profitability of Midcaps, he will find that, for them last 5 years are "Undo" as aggregate profits of Jun-13 quarter is equal to Jun-07 quarter. "ZERO" growth in half a decade.

5.     So, the economy which was already in bad shape, where profits of Midcap & Smallcap dwindle, is now seeing bitterness spreading to Largecap.

6.     What Next ??? Will firms continue to operate at the same level of output ??? Given the fact that, this quarter's aggregate Net Profit margin is at all-time low. If not, then we may soon see negative topline growth, which would be a great negative. Another point to note is that, the ~4% growth in Corporate India's Topline is largely due to Inflation, which is ~5%. So, we are actually at "Zero Volume growth" ???

Click here to view India Inc's performance in Chartical form and table showing performance of various sector and companies

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