Friday, 27 January 2012

[HM:250709] Time Machine, the new science fiction thriller in the realms of Dr Who.

Poised to start a new school year, Phoebe watches her world dismantle
before her eyes. A future, hundreds of years beyond her time, has come
to throw her fragile life into turmoil. Rescued by friends from a
hidden enemy she never knew she had, Phoebe begins to rescue her
saviours in return. Given a growing power permeating through her
golden mobile, she is thrust into being the last line of defence for a
world on the edge of calamity. In her new life, that lies between two
realities that threaten her life, she discovers her strengths and
weaknesses as secrets reveal themselves only to throw up more
Her story is one of courage, the failed redemption of those unwilling
to be saved and a relentless struggle that tests Phoebe and her
friends. With a power beyond her imagination, Phoebe Leda's long
adventure into the unknown begins. Will she survive, and if so, who
will be alongside her when she reaches the end?

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