Friday, 27 January 2012

[HM:250718] Prepare for Your Job Interview with this Interview One-Sheeter

Job Interview One-Sheeter - Your Personal Cliffs Notes
Brought to you by Jenny Blake,

Note from Jenny: My approach to preparing for interviews is to treat them like preparing for finals. I create a bullet-ized one-sheeter about myself with short buzz-words and answers to key potential questions that I can quickly glance down at (if necessary) during job interviews. 9 times out of 10, just preparing the one-sheeter will lock these ideas into your brain so you don't even have to look down - but it's nice to have the Cliffs Notes with you just in case. This template has nine areas that were helpful to me - feel free to add/edit for what you feel is most useful for you.

Five Key Points:
The top 3-5 things I want the interviewer to remember about me. Highlight key strengths.


This is why I rock:
Stories/examples that show I'm a rockstar and uniquely suited for this position! 

Areas for Development:
Strategic answers to that dreaded "tell me about your weaknesses" question. 

Brilliant Ideas:
Based on what I know, my suggestions for improvement or future direction of team.

My overall work/team philosophy:
How I generally approach challenges & opportunities, and what excites me.

Questions I have:
About the role, interviewer, company, future growth opportunities, etc. 

My Short/Long Term Goals:
How this role fits well in my career plans. Why do I want THIS position? What makes me a good fit?



Specific Challenges:
What are some specific challenges I've faced, and how did I overcome them?


Other Notes:


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