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[HM:250777] The Awesome Power of Prayer--The Difference between Meditation and Prayer




The Awesome Power of Prayer
The greatest power of prayer is that it opens up the lines of direct communication with the Divine Life Source. The infinite power of this Source is within and around us always, but all too often, we lose the sense of this relationship, which can cause feelings of disconnection, isolation, and struggle. Prayer is the simplest and most effective way of reconnecting, and staying connected, with the great whole of which we are a part. One of the most vital aspects to the power of prayer is that it allows us to instantly feel supported, connected, and in touch with the Divine, as well as with all living beings. By creating a dialogue between us and a Higher Power, whatever name we may choose to call this power, we can connect on a deeper and more personal way with our own Divinity, allowing us to feel 'plugged in, and 'switched on.
Knowing that we are all vital parts of the Divine life force, and that we are on this earth with a purpose, provides a powerful antidote to the feelings of isolation and competition that can come from the focus that society tends to place on individualism and separateness.
The power of prayer also comes from being able to let go of the burden of having to 'do it all ourselves. Rather than believing that we have to 'make things happen, prayer can help us get out of our own way, and let things happen. Letting go can be a whole lot easier with the power of prayer creating a sense of safety, security and strength.
A prayer for guidance is a way to connect with, and ask for support from the Divine at times when we feel lost, confused, and uncertain. Whether we are facing a big decision and want to make the choice from a place of clarity and confidence, or whether we just feel adrift and unfocused in our everyday lives, enlisting Divine guidance is one of the best things we can do.
Feeling fully and lovingly supported by the Divine, we can learn to trust that we are always safe, and always provided for. When we stop grasping at straws and stop holding on so tight we can allow ourselves to relax and be held by the infinite strength and loving power of the Divine. This frees our minds from worry and our hearts from fear, and opens up endless opportunities for joy and fulfillment.
The power of prayer can also help us to believe and affirm that amazing things are possible in our lives, and that we do not necessarily need to know exactly how and when these 'miracles will show up. We just need to trust that they can and will happen, and stop blocking them from happening with fear, doubt, and limiting beliefs.
 A simple prayer for trust is to just pray,  'God/Spirit of Love I surrender to you and trust you to show me the way.
Prayer can work very effectively as a form of affirmation, and enlisting Divine support for what we are affirming can really supercharge our affirmations. A simple affirmative prayer that focuses on trust is, 'Dear God/Spirit of Love, I affirm that ___________ is coming into my life, in its own perfect time and its own perfect way.
Including gratitude in our prayers for all the amazing blessings that surround each and every one of us (yes, they are there if you will only notice them!), helps us to become aware of, appreciate and feel grateful for everything good in our lives. If you can see a tiny glimpse of what you want to experience already evident in your life, then give thanks for that, and affirm that you look forward to more of the same.
For example, if money is an issue in your life, find a moment when you have already got everything you need for that day, and you still have money in your wallet. It doesn't matter if it is only a dollar, at that moment you have more than you need. Say a prayer of gratitude for the fact that you have more money than you need, and affirm that more and more is coming. Let the power of prayer fill you with a deep sense that all is well, and keep reminding yourself to tune into that sense of wellbeing.
Another vital way that the power of prayer can be manifested is in allowing us to develop a strong belief that whatever happens, with Divine support, we can handle it. In maintaining a strong connection with our Higher Power, prayer can help us release a lot of the fears and worries about what the future may hold. We can create a conviction in our hearts that we are never alone, and that no matter what challenges we may encounter, with the Divine strength, wisdom, love and support that are within and around us always, everything will always be well.

The Difference between Meditation and Prayer

Many people think that meditation and prayer are pretty much the same - but they are different.
The basic idea behind most forms of meditation is to focus the mind on turning inward, to pay attention to your inner self and center your consciousness so that your mind is open and clear. During meditation, the purpose of this inward concentration is to remove all outside distractions and quiet the chatter inside your head so that you can hear the voice of God.

Prayer is essentially the exact opposite of meditation. During prayer, you clear your mind of all outside distractions in order to be able to focus your thoughts on the
prayer itself and the answers you hope to find by praying. In essence, we meditate so that God can speak to us; we pray so that we can speak to God.

religion known to man instructs believers to have faith in a Higher Power to listen to their prayers, and to be confident that everything that happens in life is orchestrated by that Higher Power. Because of having faith in God to take care of everything in life, praying selflessly is considered to be the ideal way to pray. It is totally unnecessary to pray for oneself if God is in control and everything happens for a reason known to God. The stronger your faith, the easier it is to direct prayers outward for others rather than inward for self. For example, a person whose faith is uncertain or not fully developed may pray that God will relieve them from suffering or troubled times. But a very faithful person who does not doubt the power of God will consider that their own troubles may be a gift from God, or a test to make them stronger in their faith and in their life. As a result of this recognition, faithful people will likely send prayers to God for others to be relieved from suffering. Spiritual growth depends on having faith that God will take care of you, and therefore spending time praying for others, selflessly.

People who pray selflessly are usually the people who are most likely to meditate regularly as well. The
meditation practiced by such people is typically free of selfish desires already, because their prayers are outwardly focused, and therefore they will be more open to filling their inner selves with God's inspiration and direction. In fact, there is a specific "prayer meditation" that combines the best elements of both types of spiritual journeys.

To practice prayer meditation, sit quietly and center yourself as usual. But instead of focusing on clearing your mind, imagine yourself praying to God. Witness your prayer silently, objectively, without comparisons or judgments, and then say a prayer to God for yourself. Say a prayer for another person. Pray for everyone you know, and everything in your life. Continue praying steadily - ten times, a dozen times, or however many times it takes for you to feel as though you have prayed enough.

By actually witnessing yourself praying, objectively from the outside looking inward, you will discover that praying for others makes you feel good about yourself. So by practicing prayer meditation, you are simultaneously praying for other people while you are opening your inner self to the blessing of God making you happy and taking your troubles away. Combining prayer and meditation is the best of both worlds




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