Saturday, 28 January 2012

[HM:250737] (( Girls ))







Girls are the Most Wonderful Creatures In the World....!!!! ♥

Though You Find Dem Difficult Enough :P :D


If You Kiss Her.. You Are not a Gentleman..!! :/
& If You Don't.. You Are Not A Man :/ :P

If You Praise Her.. She Thinks You Are Lying..!! :(
& If You Don't.. You Are Good For Nothing :D

If You Agree To All Her Likes..You Are A Wimp !! :|
& If You Don't.. You Are Not Understanding ;)

If You Visit Her Often... She Thinks You Are Boring !! :O
& If You Don't.. She Accuses You Of Double-Crossing 3:)

If You Are Well Dressed... She Says You Are A Playboy !! :<
& If You Don't... You Are A Dull Boy :D :D

If You Are Jealous... She Says Itz Bad..!! :\

& If You Don't... She Thinks You Don't Luv Her :P

If You Attempt Doing Romance.. She Says You Didn't Respect Her :l
& If You Don't... She Thinks You Don't Like Her :D

If You Are A Minute Late... She Complains It's Hard To Wait !! :I
& If She Is Late... She Says that's A Girl's Way :D

If You Visit Another Man.. You're Not Putting In "Quality time" !! :^
& If She Is Visited By Another Woman... "Oh It's Natural, We are Girls" :P

If You Kiss Her Once In a While... She Professes You Are Cold :/
& If You Kiss Her often... She Yells that You Are Taking Advantage :D

If You Fail To Help Her In Crossing the Street... You Lack Ethics :O
& If You Do... She Thinks It's Just One Of Men Tactics For Seduction ;)

If You Stare At Another Woman... She Accuses You Of Flirting :|
& If She Is Stared By Other Men.. She Says that they Are Just Admiring :/

If You Talk... She Wants You To Listen :D
& If You Listen... She Wants You To Talk :P

--> In Short:
So Simple... Yet So Complex !!!
So Weak... Yet So Powerful !!!
So Confusing... Yet So Desirable !!
So Damning.. Yet So Wonderful 




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